Why Your Brand Needs a Custom Amazon Store

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Custom Amazon Brand Store

What is a custom Amazon brand store?

Amazon launched the new custom brand stores in 2017 as an upgrade to the older brand pages you could previously create through Vendor Central. The new pages are managed through AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) and allow for greater customization, multiple pages with navigation, and additional rich media options. Custom brand pages are also available to Amazon sellers who are brand owners through Sellers Central.

Brands can create these pages on their own using the simple drag and drop creation features in AMS or use an agency such as ours to create a custom experience for their customers. Custom brand stores can include more photography, larger hero image images, social sharing buttons and merchandising widgets.


There are no charges from Amazon for creating a store at this time.

Amazon Brand Store Examples:

Amazon Basics Brand Store

Neil deGrasse Tyson Brand Store

LG Brand Store

How do customers find your brand store?

Customers can find your Amazon brand store page in several ways:

  • Clicking on your brand name or logo on any of your product pages
  • Google and other search engines
  • Sharing your brand store link on your own website and social media posts
  • Brand stores can be set as a landing page for AMS pay-per-click campaigns on Amazon

Why your brand should create a custom store

  1. The new custom brand stores are a huge upgrade over the old Vendor Central brand pages. The look and feel are a big leap forward.
  2. We have found in many of our campaigns that a new brand store page converts higher than a custom product listing page when used in an AMS ad campaign.
  3. We have seen Amazon brand stores rising quickly in Google rankings.
  4. The larger pictures, rich media content, and having a landing page to tell your brand story should increase your conversion rates and sales.
  5. As competition continues to increase on Amazon and overseas competitors enter your market it is becoming even more important to sell on the strength of your brand, not just on price.

Our tips for a successful brand store

When creating our first brand store it was immediately apparent that Amazon conducts a much more thorough review of your content than they do on product pages. Any claim of a product feature with measurement was immediately rejected including specs such as battery life, distance, accuracy, and comparisons to other products. This forces your marketing message to stay very high level, keeping product details on the product pages.

We recommend taking advantage of the ability to have multiple pages, but to not exceed a total of 5-6 pages if possible. This will keep you from having to create multiple level navigation which at this point seems to not function correctly on all mobile devices. Keep in mind when creating your pages what PPC ads you may run in the future and build a landing page for those ads.

Be sure to monitor your store’s stats just like you do your own website and make changes to pages and navigation based on user behavior.



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