Top 7 Ways To Raise Your Amazon Product Search Ranking

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Amazon Search Ranking Example

#1: Know what keywords you are targeting

Our first tip is to know exactly what keywords your customers are typing in before you start to optimize your listing. This may seem simple but is often skipped before our clients start changing their messaging. Take the time up front for each product to know exactly what your keywords you should be targeting.

#2: Setup a system to track your ranking

Another simple but often skipped tip, before you can start to raise your rank you really need to know where you are at have a way to track your progress. This could be as simple as a spreadsheet or a software system that tracks your rankings. Either way, before you start know how you are going to monitor your results. As the saying goes, what gets measured gets managed.


Amazon Search Ranking Example

#3: Increase your exact match keyword count

Now that you know what keywords you are targeting and have a system to track their ranking we recommend raising the exact match uses of each keyword in your listing. This means updating your titles, feature bullets, description and backend keyword fields to include the exact phrase of the keywords you are targeting. As an example in the image above you would want to include the term “bug spray” in these fields to increase the ranking.

#4: Increase your broad match keyword count

Just as with the exact match count above you would also update your broad match keyword count in your content.

#5: Add more Amazon formatted product images

In our testing adding more images to your product listing has shown not only an increase in conversions but also a rise in your natural search ranking. The increased conversions is not only a bonus to sales but the increase in sales rank will again increase your ranking. We typically recommend having 5-6 images per product listing (plus a video).

#6: Purchase Amazon AMS PPC ads

This is definitely one of our top tips. The increased sales and low cost of Amazon PPC ads not only give you a big boost in revenue, but also raise your sales rank moving you up the search. PPC ads are a win-win that we recommend for all of our clients.

#7: Build links to your product pages

Adding links to your product pages on Amazon from your own website and social media outlets will increase the traffic to your page and show Amazon that your product is relevant and wanted. For an extra bump in your ranking use the keywords you identified in step 1 in your link text. Similar to building links to your products from your own websites, we recommend contacting affiliate websites in your industry and asking them to include a link to your Amazon product on their sites. The same concepts apply, Amazon will see the increased traffic and bump the listing based on the popularity of the product.



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