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As we discussed in our blog post last week, AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) is Amazon’s pay-per-click marketing platform that allows you to place ads for your products in Amazon’s search rankings or on other product detail pages on Amazon. The one issue we have had with AMS, while the ROI has always been incredible, was
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Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) are pay-per-click ads on for products sold on Before we go any further, let us tell you why you need to keep reading… these ads have the highest ROI of any marketing dollar you can spend. Companies such as LEGO and Coca-Cola are making AMS ads a separate line
As of January 1, 2018 Amazon has announced that vendors will receive a free light version of Amazon A+ Content, and has also added new features for Amazon Premium A+ Content. This means many of Amazon’s basic A+ Content features are now free for vendors and will no longer be charged the $400 fee per
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In case you haven’t heard yet, Amazon is kind of a big deal. In just this last year Amazon shipped over 5 Billion… yes, Billion… products to only Prime Members. That’s 5 Billion products in a year to customers so loyal they pay an extra $99 a year to get fast and free shipping. Let
Amazon Vendor Central
It’s a dilemma every manufacturer has in the age of Amazon. Do we sell directly to or on Amazon and reach their millions of daily shoppers? How do we do so without angering our distributors and dealers? Or in many cases, a third party is already selling your product on Amazon and it is already
Wednesday, 06 December 2017 / Published in Amazon Product Launch
How to Successfully Launch a New Product on Amazon
Ready to launch a new product on Amazon and want to get sales rolling quickly? A successful launch will increase your sales rank, moving you up the search rankings, getting you more reviews and boosting your sales into the future. A study of over 700,000 products has shown that sales rank is the number one
Tuesday, 28 November 2017 / Published in Amazon SEO
Amazon SEO Study
A recent study of 746,500 products and 16,930 keywords has provided us some data points and insights into what impacts your Amazon search ranking. Much of this data mirrors our own findings and we thought we would point out some of the top correlations found in this study. #1 Ranking Factor: Sales Rank (13% Correlation)
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Amazon Product Videos
Can you imagine buying a product without being able to read about any of it’s features? What if you couldn’t see it? The listing had no text, no pictures… just a price and a model number. How likely would you be to purchase this product over another that had great photography and in-depth descriptions? Consumers
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Custom Amazon Brand Store
What is a custom Amazon brand store? Amazon launched the new custom brand stores in 2017 as an upgrade to the older brand pages you could previously create through Vendor Central. The new pages are managed through AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) and allow for greater customization, multiple pages with navigation, and additional rich media options. Custom
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Amazon Search Ranking Example
#1: Know what keywords you are targeting Our first tip is to know exactly what keywords your customers are typing in before you start to optimize your listing. This may seem simple but is often skipped before our clients start changing their messaging. Take the time up front for each product to know exactly what