Amazon Announces Free A+ Content for Vendors

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As of January 1, 2018 Amazon has announced that vendors will receive a free light version of Amazon A+ Content, and has also added new features for Amazon Premium A+ Content. This means many of Amazon’s basic A+ Content features are now free for vendors and will no longer be charged the $400 fee per marketing module.

What is Amazon A+ Content

Amazon vendors are able to create additional content on their product detail pages that enhances the product listing with additional text information and visuals to overcome purchase hesitations, compare similar products/versions, drive brand loyalty and provide more in-depth content to drive more conversions.

Amazon A+ Content is located further down the page, below the bullet features and typically around the product description area depending on the product category. A+ Content has taken on many forms over the past decade but for the last few years has been a pay-per-section or module, which was sometimes discounted by the vendor’s Amazon buyer, or in other cases a limited number of credits were issued to specific categories that were a focus by Amazon to increase sales.

With the new free “basic” A+ vendors will be able to add increased text and visuals without paying the per module fee to Amazon.

Why You Should Add A+ Content to Your Products

When a customer is online shopping a product page is no different than creating intriguing packaging for a product on a shelf. Create an in-depth, eye-catching experience for the shopper and you’ll increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Additional images, text information and product comparison charts give your customers that next level of detail they need to make the final purchase decision. Paired with Amazon’s reviews and frequently asked questions this gives the shopper the total product experience.

A+ Content can often give that initial good first impression to a product, by catching the eye with stunning visuals the customer stays on the product page longer to research more about your product. For the consumer, knowledge is power, and that knowledge increases the consumers likelihood to purchase.

According to Amazon, A+ Content can increase sales on average 3 to 10% by educating the consumer about your product and brand.

What are the New Premium A+ Content Features

Amazon Premium A+ Content has just been rolled out and right now allows you to add more interactive content such as videos, and also allows up to seven modules on the product detail page, up from the five module limit for basic A+ Content.

Amazon has plans to roll out additional Premium options, which we will keep you posted on as they become available.

Ready to get started with Amazon A+ Content?

You can create Amazon A+ Content yourself through Vendor Central, or Crowner Agency will help guide you through the process and create high-impact content for your products to increase sales. Give us a call at 866-297-7753 or email


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